Digital marketing services

EESWEB is the best digital marketing company in Pune, and has been contributing to clients' success for more years. We know that every business needs branding and marketing to sustain and grow in competition. We provide following Digital Marketing Services in Pune and outside also.


Graphics Design

Graphic Design" refers to the series of imaginative and skilled fields, based on presentation. Graphics design means the creation of excellent client product images for advertising products.

EESWEB is providing good graphic design services.  EESWEB is done by the visual impact of the marketing collateral e.g. including the advertisement, logo design, wish design, image design, and company ads. EESWEB is best Graphic design company in Pune

Facebook and Instagram page management with postings:

EESWEB provides services for Facebook and Instagram page creation with Instagram and Facebook page management services. With the help of a Facebook page, we can advertise the products and services of our clients. EESWEB is one of the best social media marketing company in Pune


Social media Optimization with Organic Promotion

Social media optimization is an intelligent concept that is used to promote any product, service, or brand in the most appropriate manner, where the professional sense of marketing, is applied. Nowadays, this method is counted as some of the most frequently used techniques for publicizing your current commercial or any other important feature. The benefits of advertising your services and products with SMO are countless. First of all, one can easily save himself from the expense of heavy recruitment of a workforce that is usually employed for keeping track and manipulating how many people are watching your commercial. SMO is definitely a smart, modern technology that has been designed to match the pace of modernization and advancement. So if you are also in search of a better way of publicity, then do it with social media optimization. EESWEB is handling social media optimization efficiently

EESWEB is dealing with potential customers by branding your business online. EESWEB is branding client businesses through organic promotion using Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads. EESWEB is best social media marketing company in Pune

Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for "search engine optimization". Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your landing page or website for Google's search engine. Google search engine uses an algorithm to look for a couple of different things in order to list a website in the results when a person types in a specific set of keywords. Keywords are what internet user’s type into Google's search engine when they are looking for a product or service. For example, if a user was looking for the best SEO Company in Phoenix, Arizona, they would type in "best SEO Company in phoenix AZ" into the search engine and would be presented with the results that Google feels would satisfy the needs of the searcher. SEO will simply optimize a business person's website to be the best possible result for a certain set of keywords. EESWEB is best SEO company in Pune



Lead generation and management by ADS

Social Media isn't just for connecting with friends and family, it can be used for business functions and generate Facebook leads.

Do not think that Social media is just a venue for teenagers. Those teens have grown up and today 60% of users are over 35 years old. If you would like to market to the younger set, don't be concerned - that remaining 40% of social media half a billion customers must surely contain some suitable well-qualified leads!

Driving people to your Facebook page is marketing after all. EESWEB provides a Facility for Facebook lead generation with Page management in digital marketing. In lead generation, we are increasing organic traffic on the business page. We are activating the various types of ads on the business page. Also, we give customer leads to clients for daily follow-up.

Facebook ads and Google ads

Google Ad Words and Facebook advertising allow you to show your ads to people who are most likely to be interested in your products or services while filtering out those who aren’t. By measuring your ads, you'll quickly see where to invest your budget and boost the return on your investment.

Ad Words is most commonly based on a cost per click system, where the cost per click is the minimum amount required to outrank a competitor advertiser.

Google ads are useful for getting increased monthly traffic on websites and YouTube videos also EESWEB is providing a good service facility that drives Facebook ads and Google ads successfully.

EESWEB is social media marketing company in Pune which provides Google ads, Facebook, and Instagram ads services Because of the popularity of Social media and the hundreds of thousands of opportunities that it can give, many clients are using Facebook ads and google ads to gain wider exposure and also grow their business by EESWEB.


Website Content Creation

Good website content creation can really help you to get free traffic to your website. When people are looking for something on the internet they want the best results and it is the job of the search engines to deliver it to them. The search engines will give preference to your website over others if your website provides high-quality content. So how do you create high-quality content to get free traffic to your website that will appeal to people and the search engines?

1) Make Your Content Easy To Understand.

If you use complex terminology and jargon, your information and facts may be correct, but they may also be challenging to understand. Use simple language that is easy to read even if you're explaining a complicated subject. You want your readers to leave your website with the info they were looking for and are happy to come back for more.

2) Create Content That Is Evergreen.

Good website content creation is about producing material that will be relevant for as long as possible. When your content is 'evergreen' it means that it focuses on questions and needs that people will have for months and years to come.

Using website content is a key online business strategy to boost traffic and generate product, company, or service awareness, and improve a site's online presence. The effectiveness of written content creation, in particular, depends upon the right strategy being used.

EESWEB provides better quality website content to the client's website.

Digital marketing classes

EESWEB drives academy for Digital marketing course in Pune an offline and online mode.

EESWEB Academy is the right place to learn about everything related to digital marketing. EESWEB academy helps one deeply learn about the key components of marketing like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Paid Search, Influencer Marketing, Freelance, Affiliate marketing, Web development, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Web Analytics, and Lead generation with Reporting. Plus, the advantage of learning digital marketing from the EESWEB Academy is that the knowledge you gain is accepted and recognized at a global level. The EESWEB academy has in store a treasure of sources like certification courses, documents, video tutorials, etc. for you to easily learn from EESWEB academy

While EESWEB Academy makes today's best source for online tutorials and certification courses Digital marketing course is nowhere behind to impart similar knowledge to marketing aspirants worldwide. This course helps you learn about how to grow a business online, all about Ad-sense and Ad Words, and the best ways to increase a website's local reach. Similarly, if you're determined to learn just everything about social media marketing, Social Media Quick Starter is the right place for you as a beginner. Here, in every session, you get to learn all tactics of marketing related to LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Interest, Twitter, and Facebook. EESWEB teaches two types of digital marketing course in Pune i.e Basic course and an Advance course.